Tech Pack Template Mens Formal Trousers

Tech Pack Template Mens Formal Trousers. Complete Tech Pack with Detailing and Graded Measurement Spec Sheet with Size gradation.

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Tech Pack Template Mens Formal Trousers UK Standard Size contains every detailing required for a clothing manufacturer to produce your clothing. Fits and garment constructions are pre-tested and meet the standards of international apparel brands and the spec sheet is prepared based on the most famous and widely used apparel brands in the USA. The tech pack template is pre-tested and measurements and another detailing is accurate for size guide of the region it is meant for. We have unique tech pack template to meet the measurement standards of various segments eg: Europe and the USA. Please cross-check the size you are looking for before purchase. Garment construction and stitching details remain same for every region.

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Files Included: Editable 1. Coreldraw File, 1 1PDF Document and Measurement Spec Sheet with Size Gradation Including Size XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, And XXXL.

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