Tech Pack Template Ladies Tank Top USA Standard Size

Ladies Tank Top USA Standard Size. Complete Tech Pack with Graded Measurement Spec Sheet for Pattern Making, Sampling, and Garment Production.

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The tech pack template of Ladies Tank Top USA Standard Size comes with vectors and spec sheets. The tech pack contains every detailing a clothing manufacturer need to do sampling and production. Garment manufacturer gets all required instructions to produce sample and do bulk production. The tech pack template is pre-tested and measurements and other detailing are 100% correct for various sizes in world. Each specific tech pack template is unique to the size of various parts. We have unique tech pack template for usa sizes and eu sizes. Please, cross-check which sizes you need to get the right tech pack template before buy. 

    1. Rendered Flat Technical Sketches ( Front View - Back View If Required )
    2. Color Combo - Various Color Options of the Garments Including Pantone Color
    3. Stitching & Garment Construction Detailing ( Front Side )
    4. Stitching & Garment Construction Detailing ( Back Side )
    5. Graphical Measurement Details with Spec-Sheet Pointers
    6. Garment Measurement Spec -Sheet ( Size Chart ) and Size Gradation From Size XS To Size XXL

Additional Information

Files Included: Editable 1. CorelDRAW File, 1 1PDF Document. 1 Measurement Spec Sheet Spec Sheet includes Measurements: XS, S, M, L, XL, And XXL.

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