Every brand want to know in the beginning what is the design process of a technical apparel designer? This is a query that every brand want to know when they want to start with me. Mostly they want to know what goes in a garment and how the process of development starts from the beginning. Below is an example of a tech pack that shows the most common aspects that go in a tech pack. From this, you can make out what are the details required for a clothing manufacturer to understand your style and process your garment development. This is a basic style without the branding details for all your branding and design related detailing the tech pack size will have more detailing. 

Steps Before Approaching Technical Apparel Designer


Many people confuse between style and size. Recently I came across a client asking me the difference between style and size. When clients ask for a tech pack they have an impression that for every size that they get in spec sheet have to pay an extra charge. Similarly, for each color, they think the designer should charge extra. A skilled Garment Fit Technician help you build your entire line sheet and streamline your production process. Tech Pack Designer must give the colorways and size variations with the tech pack for each style.


If you are looking out for support in building your clothing line sheet, take the assistance of technical designer before you contact a clothing manufacturer. Fashion studio Urban Purple is one of the top Technical Apparel Design Studio. You may get in touch over phone and email. Use the contact form to get in touch with Urban Purple.